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• 10/1/2015

FFQ + Sky Blitz deck

I'm a fairly inexperienced player so I decided to browse this wiki for a few hints and tricks, stumbled across the FFQ deck, made a couple adjustments and well, here I am. I found that the original FFQ deck was too unreliable, against any enemy with shields or agaist lvl 3s with a firefly deck I found it just wasn't good enough. So I added in a bit and well, now I beats the sh!t out of Half-Bloods like a boss :D

6x Emerald Pillars

6x Rustlers

6x Empathic Bond

6x Wind Pillar

6x Firefly Queen

Standard FFQ deck, I added

3x Hope  5x Thunderstorm  5x Sky Blitz

Also, I found having these extra cards saved me from decking out a couple of time O.o XD

So, for a newbie, what do you think?

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• 10/1/2015

Btw, Same person here, IGN is Crivax

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