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Mark Of Life

1x Emerald Pillar

6x Rustler

6x Emerald Dragon

4x Heal

1x Druidic Staff

9x Light Pillar

1x Improved Miracle

2x Reflective Shield



If you can get any more Miracles, add in + 2 more light pillars. Druidic Staff CAN be replaced with a Morning Glory.
Play Rustlers, Keep 1 On the field at a time, its ability can be used multiple times. Rustlers give you plenty of green quanta via photosynthesis.
USE HIS ABILITY if you have a Miracle. Wait until you have enough to use it and then use the extra light quantums for Rustlers ability.
You can also add some Golden Dragons in there if you want, You're good for pvping If you've got it 50-100% upgraded.
The version up there is for getting masterys on level 3's but will get weaker against higher level opponents.
Any requests Email me at foolspool@hotmail.com.
Edit: Fenrir709

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