Zanz has released the beta version of the upcoming update. You can view it here:

Everything is saved on a separate database, so you can log in with your account, but nothing will affect your real account

(IMPORTANT: you won't earn any rares you win on beta).

New quests can be view in the quest button. There's a new quest that gives you a rare for having a score of over 500. The second new quest allows you to 1) upgrade cards, and 2) play level 6, False Gods.

The last new quest allows you to upgrade cards. Each card has a new upgrade, it is a much stronger version of the original card, or sometimes it is a different ability or lowered costs. You have to finish all the quests to have this option.

Each upgrade is 1,500 electrum. You can try out these costly upgrades with the renewable electrum that Zanz gives beta accounts.

Your account has 45,000 electrum to begin with. This is enough to buy some upgrades, but you can refresh and log in again to get 45,000 back to buy more upgrades.

Also with the last quest, it gives you the option to face the False Gods (lv6). They're insanely powerful, and don't obey the normal rules of Elements (they draw two cards each turn, have 200 HP, marks give 3 quanta per turn, etc.)

There's also new cards out, so check those out. You can view the Update Additions, to see which new cards are available.

Enough reading, try the beta out for yourself and see all the new upgrades. Remember to buy the cards in bazaar first if you don' have it, then upgrade it. and REMEMBER, ****Everything is saved on a separate database, so nothing will affect your real account ****, this includes not keeping that 45,000 electrum or any upgraded cards :(

Beta is basically to find any bugs you may find (Post them in the Bug Forum on wiki or tell zanz on chat) and to try out the upgrades, to see which ones are effective enough for you to spend 1,500 electrum on :) You don't want to make the wrong decision lol