This is a complicated deck very good for PvP and t50. Will not be used properly by the AI.


6 Quantum Pillars

5 Bone Pillars

4 Gravity Pillars

3 Bonewall

3 Boneyard

4 Vultures

5 Otyugh

1 Empathic Bond

2 Deflagration

2 Freeze

1 Titan (if owned)

(Mark of Gravity)

How to use this deck

This deck is a variation of a Rainbow Deck but with more Pzazz!!! The idea is to eat everything and build up your Bone wall. Use the Deflagrations and Freezes wisely. Always eat your skeletons because not only to the boost your Otyugh, when they die, they also boost the Vultures. It also gives you more walls. The empathic bond can be used to make up any lost life before getting the Bonewall out. If completely necessary, eat your vultures if they aren't holding up their weight. This is a very fun deck to play, and will be a nuisance to your opponents.

Zeta711 (invented by elCort0)

-Terrible deck. Has no way of dealing with dragons. I got pummeled by a Level 1 elemental.

Zeta the idea is to eat your opponent's monster with otyugh or your own if your otyugh isn't strong enough (its still i bad deck but it can deal with dragons) this is like a crappy verison of blessed otyugh.

Good Deck. If you manage to get a good starting hand, there is little that can stop this Deck from the get-go. By adding a few more cards, like a Bless and a few Skeles, the Deck works wonders when the opponent isn't bringing anything to the field. It can EASILY deal with Drags when you actually eat your own Skeles or 0/3 Otys, especially if you have a Boneyard and Boneshield to profit from eating your own creatures. It takes a bit of luck to work this deck, since your Otys are the main source of damage and if you never draw one then you're screwed, but when played well it absolutly murders T50 and the Levels. Haven't tried it on Gods, so that's a bit of empty territory. - -Nickasaur!-

Zodhil: you think that its a good idea use aflatoxin?

Toriwon : I think that's effective, too. Malignent Cells in your field can be great food for Otyugh.

ImMrDino: Antimatter is plain death against this deck considering you rely on your Otyughs.

Wiseguydude: Can someone please put the import code here?

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