Overview Edit

This deck is based around destroying your opponents pillars before they can get enough quanta to do anything to you. You will want to be Mark of Earth and have plenty of earthquakes.

Cards Used Edit

  • Mark of Earth
  • Earthquake (x6)
  • Pulverizer (if you have one)
  • Quantum Pillars
  • Nova (optional)
  • Low cost (2-3 quanta) creatures, such as the horned frog, flesh spider, blue crawler, minor vampire. (Try to use many different colors so that you don't rely on just one type of quanta.)
  • Permanent Control cards: Deflagration, Steal
  • Creature Control cards: Reverse Time, Chaos Seed, Gravity Pull, etc.
  • Creature buffs: Blessing (optional)
  • Shield (optional)

How to play this deck Edit

First save up your Earth quanta to play an Earthquake as soon you can. Usually by the time you have 3 Earth quanta they will have already played at least 3 pillars. Second use quantum pillars and novas to build up different colors of quanta. Play your creatures whenever you have enough quanta to. Feel free to use your deflags, and even steals on your opponents pillars if it is early in the game. If it is later, save the steals for shields and weapons, as you will need them to do damage. Use the reverse times on high quanta cost creatures to make your opponent go though their quanta faster.

This is a slow deck, and if you can't get the earthquakes out fast, it is very susceptible to speed decks. But when it does work, it is very fun to play, and really annoying to play against. Enjoy!

Comments From Players: Edit

  1. Most of the t50 decks that used a quantum-denial strategy were Darkness+Earth: Devourer (-1/turn) & Steal & Earthquake. I suppose Fire is also possible with Defrag.
  2. Enchant Artifact (aka Enchant Land) is your worst nightmare...
    I've been using mono-element decks that require tons of quanta (dragon-spam), and they can be made almost impervious to land destruction: If my single stack of pillars is annihilated by an Earthquake, I drop a pillar and cast Enchant Artifact on it in the same turn. Enchant Artifact permanently immunizes an entire stack (great for monocolor or quantum-pillar decks). Watch out for the player who's splashed 2 Earth quanta. Against Darkness, it's a bit more of a quandary, since I'd like to use EAs to guard my Rare Weapon (or Empathic Bond or Golden Hourglass) against Steal.
  3. Devourers are a must they allow you to steal quanta from your opponent even if you don't have an earthquake it alwayys provides you with more dark quanta for steal and other dark cards. I've found parisite comes in handy too for creature removal. chaos seed isn't very good and gravity pull dosn't work very well because u have alot of weak creatures.
  4. i've found that a sheild is really handy for stalling dusk mantle fits in with the devourers and 5 earthquakes are normally enough.