The Main Ingredients Edit

This is a different variation of the firefly Queen strategy that I have found can be very effective at times, especially in countering cetain strategies such as quantum denial.  It can be susuceptible to a bad draw at times but hey what strategy isn't?

  • Mark of Air
  • Nova x6
  • Immolation x6
  • Photon x6
  • Firefly Queen x6
  • Rustler x6
  • Empathic Bond(Preferred)
  • Rain of Fire(Preferred)
  • Deflagration(Preferred)
  • Steal(Optional)
  • Freeze(Optional)
  • Reverse Time(Optional)
  • Poison(Optional)
  • Any other cheap spells that you may want to use(Optional)
  • Shield and/or weapon of your choice(Optional)

The Strategy Edit

This strategy is based on the Firefly Queen, Firefly, and Rustler trifecta. You use nova and immolation as your starter mana in order to get the ball rolling as your Mark of Air will build up your air quanta until you can summon your first Firefly Queen.  Depending on if you have drawn a rustler yet and how many novas and immolation you have played you may or may not want to summon a firefly right away. If you have not drawn a rustler, but you've played at least 3 novas and/or immolations then feel free to summon a firefly, always leaving at least 1 life quantum in reserve in order to summon a rustler. Once you summon the rustler it will convert all the light quantums that have built up into life quantums, usually giving you a large reserve in case your rustler dies and will also allow you to play your empathic bonds which can effectively work as your shield as it continues to heal you every turn as your army of fireflies is built up.

As you wait for your main strategy to develop you will use your other quantums to use spells such as freeze, reverse time, thunderstorm, and lightning. This will allow you to slow down your opponent giving you enough time to build up your own strategy.  Rain of fire is included in this as immolation grants you 7 fire quanta per use which is the cost of rain of fire which allows you to often times wipe out an opponent's entire field. The cheap kill spells within your deck may also work well with cards such as bonewall since it gains shields per kill.  Also your opponent will want to kill your monsters and you will sacrifice photons and spare rustlers with immolation further increasing the defences provided by bone wall.

There are many variations to this deck, but it is up to you to find the version that works best for your style of play. Plus it's also a very fun deck to play with.