This deck is slow but if pulled off it stops your opponent from even playing. It kills your opponent's pillars. If you have pulverizers they help.

(extra) add Titans for damage after you "Choke" your enemy out.

Use a time mark it will give you just enough time quanta to use your Reverse times and if your opponent can not reverse time or kill your Graboid you can evolve them using Time quanta.You will want at least 1 gravity and 1 earth pillar at start--hope for 2 of each. Get pulverizer out ASAP unless opponent can steal or kill it. Wait until you can Enchant Artifact it. Earthquake opponents pillars when they are 3+ and when all of them are gone use pulverizer every turn that they place a pillar. The deck is slow but halfway through the deck you should have choked opponent out and be doing a lot of damage with Graboid or the evolved version.

(reader's note) why gravity pillars? wouldn't time pillars/gravity mark be better?

Response: No, because you want to be able to use Pulverizer's ability every turn to lock your opponent down which isn't possible using only gravity mark.

(Reader's note) Once you start upgrading your cards (I've started with Pulverizer), what amount of pillars do you consider necessary?

(Reader's note) Since you have so many gravity pillars in the deck I found it is a good idea to add Otyughs.