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Adrenafrog - A Horned Frog affected by the Adrenaline spell.

Aggro - Aggressive (deck type based on fast damage)

AI - Artificial Intelligence, the program's handling of AI and Arena decks

AI3 - Level 3 AI, or Elder Elemental

AM - Antimatter, an entropy spell

AP- Attack points of a creature


Bless - Action of using spell 'Blessing' on a creature

Bolt - Can be either Fire bolts, Ice bolts, or sometimes drain life.  

Bond - Another term for Empathic or Feral Bond (see EB)

Buff - An increase in the power of a card in the next version of the game to fix balancing issues. For example, the Heal spell was buffed.

Burrow - Ability of shriekers, graboids, devourers, antlions, that makes them untargetable at the cost of damage output

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CC - Creature Control, the ability to neutralise enemy creatures (with spells like lightning, fire bolt and freeze, or creatures like otyugh or maxwell's demon)

Chrysa - Short for Chrysaora

Clock - Number of turns until death, based on current rates of health loss

Congeal - Creature is frozen for four turns

Control - Deck type designed to win by controlling the opponent. This includes destroying the opponent's creatures, shields, weapons, and any helpful permanents, and/or using the Lobotomize skill.

CP - ?

CS - Chaos Seed

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Deck out, to / Deck, to - Run out of cards

Deflag - Deflagration

Denial - Type of deck that concentrates on denying your opponent of quanta, either by taking it (Devourers, Black Hole) or destroying pillars (EQ, deflag, steal, pulverizer, trident).

Desync - In PVP dueling, when the clients desynchronize and cause the players to drop the game. Often causes odd glitches, such as monsters disappearing and other ones appearing, marks changing, monster's stats set to 0/0, or health changes.

Devs - Devourers

DG - Divine Glory (false god) or DarkGate

Dial - Sundial permanent

Diss Shield - Dissipation Shield

Dive - Ability of Pegasus and Wyrms to double their attack

DL - Drain Life

DM - Dark Matter (false god)

DS - Can stand for Dimensional shield or Dissipation shield

Duo- Deck using two elements

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EA - Enchant Artifact

EB - Empathic Bond

EE - Eagle's Eye

Electrum - Currency in the game, used to buy cards and play levels, earned from quests, winnings, selling cards, slot machines (+5)

EQ - Earthquake (or Elite Queen, less commonly)

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FFQ - Firefly Queen

FG - False God

(to) Fly - Action of using spell Fly weapon to "fly" your weapons

Freeze - Creature gets frozen for 3 turns (can happen from chaos seed, freeze spell, ice bolts spell, artic squid or ice shield)

G Edit

Glass - Hourglass permanent

Golem - Usually refers to Lava Golems, but may refer to Hematite, Steel or Shard Golems

Grabs - Short for Graboids

Grabbow - Any fast rainbow deck that uses multiple Graboids

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Halfblood - a Level 5 AI

Hatch - Ability of Fate egg to hatch into random creature

Heal - Healing back life, can happen from Heal spells, miracle, druidic staff, vampire stilettos, drain life, holy light, empathic bond

HL - Holy Light

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IGN - In Game Name (for duels)

Immortal - Can refer to the aether creature or any creature immortalized by Anubis or Quintessence. Also refers to an earth-light stall deck that boosts its hp with stone skin.

Immo - Short for Immolation




Lobotomize/Lobo - Ability of Lobotomizer to remove skill from creature (can also occur from Chaos Seed and Mind Flayer/Ulitharid)

Lycan - Lycanthrope

M Edit

Mark - A player's element type

Mastery - Winning the match with all your HP intact, this increases your Electrum award at the end of the match.

Mono(-deck) - Deck of only one element type, e.g. Monofire, Monoair

Mutate - Ability of "Mutation" spell to generate a creature with random stats and random ability.

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Nerf - The decrease in the power of a card, usually due to overpowered cards. The new card is released in the next version of the game as a weaker card. For example, Phase Dragons and Sundials were both nerfed.


OE - Owl's Eye

OP - Overpowered


Otys - Otyughs

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PA - Plate Armor or Protect Artifact

Paradox - Consume monsters with more attack than HP or the False God. Maxwell's Demon has this skill.

PC - Permanent Control, the ability to remove enemy permanents with cards like Deflagration or Steal.

Pegs - Pegasus

Plagued - Ability of "Plague" spell to poison all enemy creatures for 1.

Poison - Act of decreasing health by 1 for each poison, can be targeted on life or creatures

Pull - Ability of Armagio or spell "Gravity Pull" or spell "Chaos Seed" to absorb all damage

Pulvy - Pulverizer

Purify - Removing all poison from health

PU - Parallel Universe

PvP - Player versus Player mode in the game


QP - Quantum Pillars

Quanta - Points in each element necessary to summon creatures, use creature skills, use spells, or play weapons, shields, and permanents. Comparable to "mana" or "power". The game uses the pluralisation "Quantums".

Quint - Short for Quintessence, the Aether spell that makes creatures immortal.


Rainbow - Deck designed around using lots of different elements, usually running quantum pillars (different colors ~ rainbow)

Rush - A deck designed to deal as much damage as possible as quickly as possible

Reflect - Ability of reflective or emerald shield to reflect back any spells on life.

ROF - Rain of Fire

ROL - Ray of Light (upgraded photon which produces a light quantum)

RT - Reverse Time spell (also the ability of Eternity weapon)


Sac - Means to "Sacrifice", can be used in conjunction with Immolation (sacrificing 1 creature to create 7 fire and 1 of every other quanta) or creatures with Devour

Skellies - Skeletons

Spirits - Can be either Forest Spirits (life) or Fire Spirits (fire)

Squids - Arctic Squids

Stall - A deck archetype that aims to stop the opponent's damage, then win by deckout

Steal - Using "Steal" spell, steals a permanent from opponent's field

Stilettos - Vampire Stilettos, heals your life for amount of damage inflicted

SN - Supernova, upgraded nova card.

SoSe - Shard of Serendipity, an entropy card

SoSac - Shard of Sacrifice, a death card

SoI - Shard of Integrity, an earth card

SoFo - Shard of Focus, gravity card

SoG - Shard of Gratitude, a life card that heals you for 5 hp each turn.

SoBra - Shard of Bravery, a fire card

SoPa / SoP - Shard of Patience, a water card

SoD - Shard of Divinity, light card

SoR - Shard of Readiness, a time card

SoV - Shard of Void, a darkness card

SoW - Shard of Wisdom, an aether card


t50 - The old arena system, no longer in the game.

Time Bubble - Ability of Procrastination shield (and iridium warden) to delay creatures for one turn

Trio (Deck) - Deck using cards from three elements, usually involving a Mark of one element and two types of towers

TU - Twin Universe - upgraded version of PU


UG - Unstable Gas, air card

Unupped [Card Name]/Deck - A card or deck that has not been upgraded via the "Upgrade Card for 1,500 Electrum" function, that is usually weaker.

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Zanz - Zanzarino, creator of Elements the game. AKA the great person who has created this game. The one we all love.

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