One of the decks that are more focused on luck and chance, but can be devestating and beat almost anything with the right hand. It is however, alot more complicated than most decks

  • = Requirements =

Mark of Air

2 Elite Queens (firefly queen upgrade)

6 Empathetic bonds

6 Quantam Pillars

4 Druid staffs

4 Flying weapons

6 Emerald pillars

3 Defrags

3 rain of fire

3 firebolts

2 Fallen elves (optional)

3 Enchant artifact

3 Immolation

6 Anubis

6 Time factory

6 Golden Hourglasses

  • = Strategy =

The key is healing. This deck has 60 cards so you definitely want to draw as many golden hourglasses as you can and use them at every possible moment. Always try to get anubis out on the field and then
 apply the rest of the strategy. Once anubis is out, play emphatic bond and start using the firefly queen to produce as many fireflies as you can. the emphatic bond heals 1 for every creature and stacks,
 while the anubis makes all produced creatures immaterial and renders them untargetable. Then you should get your staffs out and turn them into creatures as you make them untargetable!

I used this strategy and beat (false gods) Hermes, Gravitron and Miracle. I once had all of my Drudic staffs out along with Anubis, an Elite Queen and 10 fireflies, all immaterial!! along with 4 emphatic 
bonds, if you do the math, I'm healing 84 damage per turn!! Thst means you're almost untouchable!!

 If you're wondering about all the fire spells, elite queens produce fireflies that produce fire quantums, and that makes the unused quantums an waste. The defrags and Enchant artifacts are for use 
 against drainer decks with powerful rares. The fallen elves are there if you want to use most of your produced quantums by mutating your fireflies.