Overview Edit

Reverse time can be played either by a chaos seed (if lucky) and reverse time for two quantums. This effect/spell send the target card to the top of the owners deck, which they will draw next turn. If done more than once it is in the order that the cards were reversed in from the last to first. The time weapon Eternity also has the ability to put a creature back on top of its owner's deck for 3 time quantums.

What the Strategy Does Edit

Reverse Time is a fun card that can be used offensively to starve opponents of both quantums and useful cards by having them draw the same card. However, what many do not observe is that reverse time can be used to save creatures. For example. against an opponents Otyugh, a reverse time can set it back to an 0/3. Cards that build can be easily placed back at square one with this card, but the catch to reverse time is being able to save your own creatures with a bit fast work. Let's say a creature is poisoned or lobotomized. By playing a reverse time, the card comes back to it's original stats thus saving the creature from death and not having to worry about it's state.

In addition, this technique can also prevent the running out of cards by placing one thing on the top over and over again and thus keep it on a loop.

Against non-rainbow decks, a fun strategy can be to mutate the enemy's creatures (hopefully into a color of quantum they don't have) and send them back.  This now becomes an unplayable card clogging up their hand.

Strengths Edit

Against a death poison user and lobotomizer, or people who build up creatures, this strategy can be helpful.

Weaknesses Edit

An Anubis can make something immortal. This can kill the card if it is poisoned because it cannot heal or be returned. However, it also cannot be stopped, execpt by shields.

---tlk742 16:08, 29 July 2009 (UTC)