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Death by Consumption, or "OM NOM NOM NOM!"[]

Mark of Gravity

  • Time Factory x12
  • Gravity Pillar x3
  • Scarab x6
  • Momentum x2
  • Reverse Time x3
  • Deja Vu x2
  • Devonian Dragon x1
  • Eternity x1

Decent little deck for eating your opponents. At level 3, wins about 3 out of 4. Deju Vu's provide easy fodder when needed for your scarabs, and Momentum keeps them in the fight vs. shield effects. Eternity can allow a lock, or a save vs. an infected scarab. It takes some skill knowing what to eat, and when to play; it's rather satisfying to grow a nice big scarab. The Gravity Pillars are there to prevent Devourer's from locking you down. With just the Mark for Gravity quanta, one first turn Devourer can ruin the game.

2weiX's Scarab Deck, wins almost all Level Threes and most PVPs (Mark of Time)

  • Quantum Pillar x9
  • Light Pillar x2
  • Time Factory x3
  • Gravity Pillar x2
  • Scarab x6
  • (improved) Blessing x4
  • Anubis x2
  • Reverse Time x2
  • Deflagration x2 (vs annoying shields)
  • Eternity x1
  • Sundial x4

This deck has two routes do victory - Rush with Scarabs, or, if the opponent has too many creatures out too soon, play multiple dials, draw cards like crazy, play eternity and reverse time, shell out three scarabs, three blessings on one turn and start eating up.

Decent poison decks kill you - also Red Burn is hard to beat IF and only IF they manage to get a godlike draw. Use the Deflagrations with care, you might need to destroy an Eagle's Eye or a Tsunami.

I am considering to remove the number of Quantum Pillars and put one more Time Machine and Light Pillar in there. Also maybe, just maybe, Time isn't the right Mark for this deck. There have been times when I should have been able to devour but wasn't... Then, however, who payeth for my Anubi?

If you have one, try to slip a Pharaoh in there. The Pharaoh generates an undefined number of scarabs, capable of devouring dragons eventually.

-NG83: 2weiX's Deck works really well, but I found that if you have Mark of Gravity instead and 2 extra light pillars and 3 extra time factories in, it works better, but you're done for if you face a Lycanthrope/Darkness 6/6 spammer


Owl's Eye. If that weapon comes out, it's likely game over. Unless you use deflageration.

Poison Decks are difficult to deal with, as well.

You didn't mention how its weak.


There are a few different versions of Scarab decks. The below article is my version of the deck, Locust, which is basically Scarab rush with PU and Dimensional Shields.


~~ Devilord Bloodshadow